Bionike Defence Color Blush brush

Brush for application of blush. Synthetic fibers, handmade, tested hypoallergenic.

Manufacturer: Bionike

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SKU: 6426591


Brush blush


Defence Color Blush brush allows a makeup gentle, all types of skins, even the most sensitive. Manufactured with synthetic fibers to minimize the risk of allergies, the Defence laboratory BIONIKE Color brushes are tested hypoallergenic and made hands in Italy. Its rounded shape is ideal to apply the blush on the cheekbones and create sets of volumes and lights. It allows to collect the correct amount of powder and the determination without wasting to remove carefully, gradually and evenly on the skin. Its very soft hair caress the skin and allow to easily apply the powder, for an impeccable result.

Tips to use:

Collect powder with brush and start on the face, on the desired areas. It is recommend to wash brushes regularly with water or with specific products to prolong their life.


For an application of powder (compact powder, bronzer, blush,...) on the complexion.


All BIONIKE brushes are made of quality synthetic fibers to reduce the risk of allergies. Our brushes are handmade in Italy.