Bionike Acteen Quickpen anti-blemish 10ml

Intensive local treating care anti-blemish, anti-boutons. Precision applicator pen. untinted.

Manufacturer: Bionike

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SKU: 4010231 Bionike Acteen Quickpen anti-blemish 10 ml

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The Acteen Quickpen is a local processing-intensive to use directly on blemishes to promote their rapid disappearance. Thanks to the presence of active principles specific (salicylic acid which removes excess sebum and bacteriostatic complex that regulates the bacterial proliferation) it has a purifying, astringent and keratoplasty action. Presented in the form of pen-applicator ultra practical, it dries quickly and allows a precise application directly on blemishes, even several times per day.

Untinted, it may also well fit men and women who are looking for a local care to quickly treat inflamed comedones. Enriched with Allantoin and vitamin E, Acteen Quickpen promotes cell renewal and acts for the hydration of the skin.

directions for use:

Apply directly on blemishes, several times a day if necessary. Do not use on the Periocular area. Observe the instructions of use.


Intensive local treatment of imperfections. For best results, it is recommended to associate with the use of this product other care of the ACTEEN range /ACNET.


The salicylic acid (beta hydroxy acid) facilitates the removal of dead skin cells and excess sebum. The bacteriostatic complex (piroctone olamine + chlorhexidine) regulates the bacterial proliferation. The association of oleanolic acid and acid nordihydroguaiaretic in osmotic gel can reduce the seborrhoea, Hyperkeratosis, inflammation and bacterial overgrowth. Allantoin promotes cell renewal and reduces redness due to its soothing properties. Vitamin E has antioxidant and moisturizing action.


10 ml tube