Bionike Acteen Hydramat cream Sebo-normalising 40ml

light moisturizing face cream, special oily skin with acne. triple action: Hydrate, matifies, and reduces the bacterial proliferation.

Manufacturer: Bionike

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SKU: 4010248 Bionike Acteen Hydramat cream Sebo-normalising 40 ml

hydrating oily skin


The Acteen Hydramat is a lightweight and ultra texture cream fresh. Its formula to meet the needs of oily and trends acne-prone, prone to blemishes. Thanks to its special microporous texture that combines ingredients moisturizers and sebo-normalizing, it absorbs excess sebum. Throughout the day, its specific formula allows it to regulate and combat the unwanted shine effect. Acteen Hydramat formula is enriched with targeted active ingredients (oleanolic acid and nordihydroguaiaretic acid) conveyed in an osmotic gel which contributes to inhibition of microbial growth. It absorbs very quickly, moisturizing without leaving oily traces. Ideal make-up base.

directions for use:

Apply the morning with a light massage on the skin of the face clean and dry. Ideal base for make-up. Can also be applied at night to bring comfort and hydration to the skin.


Is used on a daily basis, in addition to the treatment for oily and impure, skins ACN cream treatment and Prevention. To treat oily and impure, reduce the Seborrhea and prevent the formation of blackheads. For best results, it is recommended to use other care of the ACTEEN range /ACNET.


The association of oleanolic acid and nordihydroguaiaretic acid mediated in osmotic gel can reduce the seborrhoea, Hyperkeratosis, inflammation and bacterial overgrowth. The S-carboxymethylcysteine is a substance able to give sulfur in organic form, which allows to standardize the production and secretion of sebum. The Hydroxyethyluree is a moisturizing agent able to increase skin elasticity, with large percentages of water absorption. Cosmetic Nylon is a microporous structure that forms a non-Occlusive film able to absorb excess sebum, to give the product a 'Matt effect' and silky, indicated especially for oily skin in order to avoid the recurrence of the shine effect.


40 ml tube