Bional Medical Decongest Spray Nasal 20ml

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nasal for nasal decongestion spray to eliminate bacteria and viruses.

Manufacturer: Omega Pharma

SKU: 6009427 Bional Medical Decongest Spray Nasal 20ml


Bional Medical Decongest is a nasal spray for nasal decongestion. It is indicated in cases of strong nasal congestion during a cold or a nasopharyngitis.

This nasal spray combines rich in minerals and trace elements hypertonic sea water with eucalyptus. Thus, it allows an efficient decongestion gentle.

The nasal passages are clear. Viruses and bacteria are eliminated to avoid any risk of superinfection.

Additionally, this spray provides a feeling of immediate freshness.

Tips for using Bional Medical Decongest Nasal Spray:

A nasal spray in each nostril. Renew up to 6 times per day.


100% natural and preservative-free.

Do not use in pregnant or nursing.

Indicated in adults and children from age 6.

Clinically proven.



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A. Pasquin
  the 02/12/2014
5/ 5
efficace pour nettoyer le nez.