Biomousse Gel care washing daily 500ml

Gel care washing daily called for personal hygiene
Manufacturer: Omega Pharma
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SKU 7644887 Biomousse Gel care washing daily 500ml

Properties: care washing daily recommended daily intimate hygiene women and for those with an epidermis and mucous membranes sensitive. it gently cleanses without cleansing, protects the skin from irritation or other gynecological discomfort. Restores its physiological acidity which is the natural defense of the skin, thanks to his agent superfatting which strengthens the barrier protective. it delicately perfumed. operating tips: gel is used as a detergent only externally and rinse abundantly with water clear. Indications: -gynecological daily Hygiene -gynecological Hygiene of the puerperium -Hygiene skins and sensitive mucous membranes -anti-hemorroidaires type processing aid , anti-purigineux, anti-acne.