Bioderma Sensibio DS + cream 40ml

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Care Anti irritating and emollient

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SKU: 9724024 Bioderma Sensibio DS + cream 40 ml

Description: Care Anti-irritant Emollient Sensibio DS Cream improves the desquamative state thanks to the synergistic action of specific assets, fighting against the proliferation of microorganisms, irritants agents responsible for the worsening of the condition skin. Soothing, Sensibio DS Cream calms irritated skin and reduces redness. very cosmetic texture (gel-cream), light, non-oily and emollient bring a real skin comfort.

indications: adults, infants. your skin combines redness and dander on the fatty areas of the face: edge of the scalp, eyebrows and intersourcils, nasolabial, sides of the nose folds and Chin. This phenomenon is accompanied by mild itching at the surface of the skin. These are due to the proliferation a body microphone: Malassezia Furfur. you are looking for a daily skincare soothing who fight against the proliferation of micro-organisms. care anti-irritant and softening sensitive skin associating redness and dander localized in particular at the level of irritated oily areas: wings of the nose, eyebrows, forehead, chin.

formula: formula fragrance-free.

operating tips: apply Sensibio DS cream 1 to 2 times daily on clean skin (ideally with Sensibio purifying foaming Gel DS or Sensibio H2O solution no-rinse Cleansing micellar). States scaly scalp of adulthood, we recommend that you use Node DS, shampoo-cream soothing, purifying and keratoregulateur.

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