Bioderma Photoderm AKN SPF30 Spray solar 100ml


SKU 5368934 Bioderma Photoderm AKN SPF30 Spray solar 100ml

Overview : high efficiency anti-UVB and the extreme 'anti-UVA' unmatched performance Photoderm AKN protect safe from sunburn, prevent solar intolerance and struggle against ageing skin premature. Indications: Photoderm AKN combines 2 :< patented unique complexes br / >-advanced major against the risk of cell damage, its exclusive patent Bioprotection cell allows optimal protection of the cells of the skin. -complex sebo-corrector Fluidactiv helps keep your skin clear and healthy. the ultra-light texture of Photoderm AKN skin a sensation of extreme softness. Perfectly colorless, white traces, Photoderm AKN spreads very easily without leaving film bold. Non-comedogenic, Photoderm AKN is water resistant and stable picture operating tips : apply evenly and generously Photoderm AKN before exposure on skin carefully dried. frequently renew the application of Photoderm AKN and after each bath, friction or activity sports. water resistant. Photo stable. Non-comedogenic. Hypoallergenic packaging: Spray 100 ml