Bioderma Node S shampoo 400ml

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Shampoo-cream restructuring. respects the hair and scalp
Manufacturer: Bioderma
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SKU 4863749 Bioderma Node S shampoo 400ml

shampoo-cream restructuring.
respects the hair and scalp: base washer Non detergent fluid Node
Hydrate immediately.
restructures and protects the hair fiber softness.

richly dosed in sweet almond oil and trimetylglycine, Node S shampoo-cream nourishes, sheath and repairs hair fiber from the root to the tip.
Node S shampoo-cream strengthens the natural resistance of the hair and thus helps fight against drying factors (stress pollution, blow-drying, colors...).
Node S cream-shampoo gently cleanses dry, damaged, brittle hair and respects the equilibrium capillary.
natural complex patented D.A.F. * raises the threshold of tolerance of the leather scalp.
formulated with anti-static cleaning agents, Node S shampoo-cream brings strength, softness, flexibility and shine to the hair.
Node S shampoo-cream guarantees an excellent tolerance.
* D.A.F.: Dermatological Advanced Formulation.

bottle 200 ml ACL 486 373.2
bottle 400 ml. ACL 486 374.9

shampoo-cream restructuring which nourishes, repairs and strengthens the hair very dry and damaged and their restores softness and flexibility.

scented formula.


operating tips:
lather Node S shampoo-cream by gently massaging the scalp.

Node S shampoo-cream thoroughly rinse and repeat if necessary.

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P. Stefano
  the 17/04/2016
5/ 5
I had what I asked.