Bioderma Node K shampoo 150ml

Shampoo cream intense fragrance-free keratoreducteur. FL 150 ml

Manufacturer: Bioderma

SKU: 7793995 Bioderma Node K shampoo 150ml

Node K shampoo is a hair dermo-cosmetic treatment for severe and chronic squamous States characterized by thickened dry plates often associated with itching and irritation. original formula enables the elimination of the scalp dry plates and prevents their recurrence with Keratolytic and keratoregulateurs the salicylic acid 3% assets and Hydrosol of cade to 10%.

operating tips:

It is advisable to use Node K shampoo after Node K Emulsion to potentiate the activity of the latter. Node K shampoo can also be used only in times of attack, use Node K shampoo 3 times per week for 3 weeks. in period of maintenance, 1-2 times per week.