Bioderma Node G shampoo 400ml fluid

Seboregulateur, non-detergent shampoo, adapted to the needs of bold and very bold hair.

Manufacturer: Bioderma



SKU: 7933350 Bioderma Node G shampoo 400ml fluid

Description: Node G is a care seboregulateur, non-detergent shampoo suitable for the needs of oily hair and very bold. the non-detergent cleansing base of Node G controls the flow of sebum. Calcium sensors prevent the formation of calcium salts of fatty acids that weigh down the hair and give them a shiny appearance. Active seboregulateur, essential oil of Sage cleanses the scalp and maintains the balance of flora thus limiting the risk of irritation. Node G formula gives it properties volumising, disentangling and antistatic.

indications: customized hair very greasy and fatty.

operating tips: after wet your hair, apply Node G and lather while massaging the scalp without damaging it. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Repeat this operation. Rinse time must always be greater than the time to wash. dry your hair in the open air or, if you use a dryer, make sure that the air is not too hot (excess heat stimulates the secretions of sweat and sebum). Node G can be used as often as necessary; at the beginning, every day, and then more spaced so as the results