Bioderma Node DS + Anti-recidive 125ml + Node A shampoo soothing 100ml offered

anti-dandruff intensive shampoo and shampoo soothing for the sensitive and irritated hair.
Manufacturer: Bioderma


SKU 2639491 Bioderma Node DS + Anti-recidive 125ml + Node A shampoo 100ml offered soothing

Properties Node DS + Anti-recidive:
Node DS + Anti-recidive
shampoo anti-recidive of squamous severe States associated with itching intense.
exclusive formula of Node DS + offers the best efficacy against persistent dandruff.
disabled patented complex ensures double efficiency thanks to its action on the origin of the squamous States :
it limits the proliferation of Malassezia yeast responsible for dandruff.
it prevents recurrence while minimizing the secretion of sebum originally of development of Malassezia.
of powerful assets keratoregulateurs dsincrustent persistent dandruff and activate their disposal.
enriched with soothing assets, Node DS + relieves immediate and lasting leather. scalp itchy
"fluid cream" texture is easy to apply. Node DS + facilitates the untangling and brings brilliance, flexibility and volume to the hair.

Indications Node DS + Anti-recidive:
severe, itchy Dandruff

Tips for using Node DS + Anti-recidive:
in times of attack: 3 shampoos a week for 3 weeks.
in maintenance period: 1 to 2 shampoos a week according to the prescription.

-lather Node DS + gently massaging leather scalp.
-rinse and repeat. Leave to act for 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
-avoid contact with eyes. Do not use in children under 3 years of age (presence of salicylic acid).

relay or alternately, we recommend to use Node fluid, gentle shampoo for frequent use

Description Node A:
Node A soothing shampoo, calm irritation and itching of the scalp sensitive and irritated while respecting its natural balance. By its soothing, moisturizing properties and body-shaping, dermatological assets D-Panthenol brings relief immediate.
the patented natural complex D.A.F strengthens the scalp for extra comfort tolerance threshold. Formulated using mild cleansers, it brings softness and shine.

Node A operating tips:
lather by gently massaging the scalp. Rinse and repeat. Leave 1 minute then rinse abundantly.


these two care can be stored for 12 months after opening.

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