Bioderma Node D S + Anti-recidive shampoo cream 125ml

Shampoo Anti dandruff for severe dandruff and itching.

Manufacturer: Bioderma

SKU: 4495725 Bioderma Node DS + Anti-recidive shampoo cream 125 ml

Overview Bioderma Node + SD:

Node DS + Anti-recidive shampoo anti-recidive of squamous severe States associated with intense itching. The exclusive formula of Node DS + offers the best efficacy against persistent dandruff.

The disabled patented complex ensures double efficiency thanks to its action on the origin of the squamous States:

  • it limits the proliferation of Malassezia yeast responsible for dandruff.
  • It prevents recurrence while minimizing the secretion of sebum at the origin of the development of Malassezia.
  • Of powerful assets keratoregulateurs dsincrustent persistent dandruff and activate their disposal.

Enriched with soothing assets, Node DS + relieves immediate and lasting itching of the scalp. The "fluid cream" texture is easy to apply. Node DS + facilitates the untangling and gives gloss, flexibility and volume to hair.


severe, itchy dandruff.

Operating tips:

in times of attack: 3 shampoos a week for 3 weeks.

In maintenance period: 1 to 2 shampoos a week requirement.

Lather Node DS + gently massaging the scalp.

Rinse and repeat. Let sit for 5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use in children under 3 years of age (presence of salicylic acid).

Relay or alternately, we recommend to use Node fluid, gentle shampoo for frequent use.