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Bioderma Hydrabio foam cleanser moisturizer 150ml

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SKU 4863123 Bioderma Hydrabio foam cleanser moisturizer 150ml

Description: 1st foam cleanser, moisturizer, for sensitive skin, dehydrated. Foam cleansing moisturizing. cleans softness. Relearns to skin to hydrate: Aquagenium patent. Texture chantilly. foam dense, generous and infinitely smooth. hypoallergenic. Innovation BIODERMA, biological complex patented Aquagenium *, stimulates the cellular capabilities of the skin and relearns it to generate in-depth , and retaining surface water for its balance. Hydrabio foam cleans and cleanses everything smoothly. Its dense, generous foam is infinitely smooth. once rinsed, the skin is clean, hydrated and radiant freshness. Hypoallergenic, Hydrabio Foam has been formulated to minimize the risk of allergies. natural complex patented D.A.F. * raises the threshold of tolerance of the skin. * Aquagenium : patent BIODERMA * D.A.F.: Dermatological Advanced Formulation

Indications : dehydrated and sensitive Skin

operating tips: Shake the bottle before use, apply a nut of Hydrabio Foam morning and/or evening on face and neck damp. gently Massage then rinse. The Hydrabio Foam spray can be used upside down. It is best to avoid the Hydrabio Foam eye contact.

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