Bioderma Atoderm PP balm Emollient pump 500ml bottle

Care Bio repair the skin barrier, Relipident and calming.
Manufacturer: Bioderma


SKU: 4065261 Bioderma Atoderm PP Anti recidivism balm Emollient pump 500 ml bottle

Description: daily emollient balm, Atoderm PP Anti-recidive prevents the return of the crises of severe dryness and intense. Ecodefensine Atoderm PP Anti-recidive patented complex regulates skin ecosystem and thus preserves the balance of flora saprophyte necessary for the protection of the epidermis. skin defends itself better and naturally against external attacks Atoderm PP Anti-recidive immediately relieves irritation thanks to powerful soothing assets vitamin PP facilitates the lipid synthesis which, in the case of intense drought, are particularly deficient. Atoderm PP Anti-recidive favours the reconstruction of cement of the stratum corneum (epidermal barrier). rich in hydrating active ingredients, Atoderm PP Anti-recidive provides immediate hydration and sustainable. fragrance-free and formulated with patented natural complex D.A.F. (Dermatological Advanced Formulation), Atoderm PP Anti-recidive raises the threshold of tolerance of the most reactive skins, guarantees an optimal tolerance and provides a comfort skin extreme. Atoderm PP Anti-recidive leaves no film bold. its rich and creamy texture is easy to spread. formula without perfume. Hypoallergenic.

indications: emollient balm face and body care very dry skin daily emollient anti-recidive, weakened and reactive. adults, children, infants.

operating tips: liberally apply Atoderm PP Anti-recidive 1-2 times per day on the skin previously cleaned with Atoderm foaming Gel or Atoderm bread cold cream.