Bioderma Atoderm PP balm Emollient 200ml

nourishing for very dry sensitive skin has atopic emollient

Manufacturer: Bioderma

SKU: 4065278 Bioderma Atoderm PP balm 200 ml


Atoderm PP balm prevents the skin severe and recurrent droughts. Its complex patented Ecodefensine regulates l skin ecosystem and preserves l biological balance of the skin. Vitamin PP and hydrating active repair and reinforce the skin barrier; the patented complex D.A.F. raises the threshold of skin tolerance; Atoderm PP balm calms irritation and itching permanently. He brings a comfort from the first application. Its smooth texture penetrates instantaneously. Excellent tolerance.


Apply 1 has 2 times per day on the skin previously cleaned. face and body.