Bioderma Atoderm cream washer 1 L

SKU: 9937145 Bioderma Atoderm cream washer 1 L


Washer Atoderm cream gently cleanses and nourishes intensely sensitive, dry skin very dry.

Its creamy texture is highly appreciated by your skin thanks to its pleasant softness and pleasant fragrance. The skin cells are strengthened and through purifying assets and agents cavernomists, production of microorganisms is reduced and the level of dryness of the skin. Cream high tolerance.

Your skin is nourished and soothed.

Does not sting the eyes.


Use daily in the shower on wet skin. Gently lather then rinse.

Gently dry your skin.

For best results, use in addition Bioderma Atoderm cream.


Keeps 6 months after opening