Bioderma ABCDerm Relaxing Oil 200ml

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Body and bath, relaxing oil nourishes, calms and relaxes

Manufacturer: Bioderma

SKU: 9693648 Bioderma ABCDerm Relaxing Oil 200 ml

Overview : ABCDerm softness is a relaxing oil specifically formulated to nourish the skin of the baby and the child, soothe and wrap it gently. thanks to the vegetable oils rich in essential fatty acids, the skin is supple, hydrated and enhanced epidermal barrier. Does not stain. Leaves no greasy film. Excellent tolerance dermal. instruction manual : after the bath, heat oil in the Palm of the hand and apply to the skin by light massage. Is also used by pouring directly into the bath water, to correct the drying effects of hard water (1 to 2 doses are sufficient).



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G. Christopher
  the 21/06/2017
5/ 5
S. Mario
  the 01/02/2017
5/ 5