Bioderma ABCDerm Exchange preventive Preventive 75ml cream

Preventive headquarters redness cream, insulates, protects and prevents.
Manufacturer: Bioderma
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SKU 9692488 Bioderma ABCDerm Exchange preventive Preventive 75ml cream

Overview :
ABCDerm Exchange Preventive is specifically formulated according to the commitment of dermatological safety ABCDerm to protect and prevent the redness of the rash skin of babies and children.

Properties :
ABCDerm Exchange preventive is a water emulsion in oil to isolate the epidermis of the dirt and enzymes present in the stool, primarily responsible for the redness. Glycerin moisturizes and makes the skin soft. Non-occlusive fluid texture leaves a film protector.

instruction manual :
apply in layers thick at every change, on skin cleaned with ABCDerm hygiene product, and thoroughly dried. In the case of installed redness, use ABCDerm intensive exchange.

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