Bioderma ABCDerm dermatological wipes by 60 Pack of 2 PROMO

Non-foaming cleansing wipes
Manufacturer: Bioderma
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SKU 2628139 Bioderma ABCDerm wipes dermatological by 60 Pack of 2 PROMO

declination of the micelle solution ABCDerm H2O, ABCDerm H2O dermatological wipes gently clean the delicate skin of infants and young children.
impregnated with a very mild solution which guarantees a perfect free from dirt, dermatological wipes ABCDerm H2O facilitate the reconstitution of the hydrolipidic film and provide a soothing and emollient.
large and resistant , they allow to clean in one step and provide a pleasant feeling of freshness.
their smooth texture and super soft fully respects the integrity of the epidermis.

operating tips:
using a dermatological ABCDerm H2O wipe, gently clean the skin of your baby or young child. Repeat the application until a wipe clean (you can use both sides of the cloth). Dermatological wipes ABCDerm H2O can be used without a rinse.
think well to reseal the pouch after use in order to preserve the integrity of the wipes.
dermatological wipes ABCDerm H2O use morning and evening.

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