Biocanina Tick-Puss 100ml

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Anti-tique, chips and lice in the form of spray.

Manufacturer: Biocanina



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tick Puss bottle 100 ml


A chips, anti-tique and lice at base of Fipronil for dogs and cats.

Fipronil exhibits insecticidal activity and acaricide against fleas (Ctenocephalides spp.), ticks (Rhipicephalus SP., Ixodes SP.) and lice (Wigdor SP. and Felicola SP.) in the dog and cat.

L es puppies and kittens can be treated at the age of 2 days.

operating tips

perform 2-4 sprays per kg of body weight.

This vial can treat 4 to 8 times a cat 4 kg or up to 3 times a 10 kg dog.

Place the tip of the gun in position spray. Spray the product throughout the coat of the animal at a distance of 10-20 cm approximately. Apply in the opposite direction of the hair's growth by ensuring that all of the pelage of the animal is moistened. Massage peeling, especially in long-haired animals so that the product penetrates to the skin. For the treatment of the area around the head, or to treat the young animals or nervous, the application can be done by first spraying the product on a glove and then rubbing the glove on the coat. Leave to dry in the open air. Do not use a towel to dry the animal.