Biocanina Randopatt

tanning solution to harden the pads Learn more
Manufacturer: Biocanina


SKU 7775276 Biocanina Randopatt

RANDO-PATT is a tanning solution to harden the pads (keratoplasty properties that promote the production of the Horn) before strenuous activity on an abrasive ground (sand, gravel, snow, ice etc.). It is also used to accelerate healing of wounds of the Plantar pads of dogs (antiseptic and healing properties).

RANDO-PATT is particularly recommended in dogs to large activity (hunting, agility, race...) or with a fragility special
on average 2-3 applications per week. During activity, 1 time per day for 15 days.

keep the end of the leg of the dog. Turn the bottle upside down and DAB the ear pads on the entire surface by soaking the foam. Let dry and avoid the dog licks. Before the 1st use, press the PIN in the center of the pad. Wait until the product is dry before letting the dog into contact with carpets and tissues.

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