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Biocanina Plurivers Deworming Syrup for Cats and Dogs 90ml

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Dogs and cats can very easily fall prey to parasites. However, a worm infestation is very bad for their health and that of their owner. This is why, Biocanina laboratories have developed Plurivers syrup. This Wormer for dogs and cats is very effective against roundworms. This syrup contains piperazine. It causes a reversible paralysis of worms. So they drop off the intestinal walls and are eliminated. Piperazine is then eliminated unchanged mainly via urine. Use of this wormer is very easy. Your pet will experience visible results and feel better fast.

How to use:

Weigh your pet, dog or cat, before treatment.

With the dosing syringe, dose 7ml per 1 kg bodyweight.

Can be given directly into the mouth. This deworming syrup is the hassle free way to ensure your puppies and kittens are treated. Suitable also for cats and dogs. 2 times at intervals of 24 h or two consecutive days. Can be renewed for puppies and kittens 3 weeks later.


Pets: deworm the animal regularly, at least 2 times per year.

Humans: pay special attention to personal and food hygiene. Regularly wash hands, fruits and vegetables.

Adverse effects:

Some cases of vomiting, diarrhea and transient ataxia may appear after administration of syrup.


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