Biocanina milk atrial 90ml

Cleaning and hygiene of the ear canal of dogs and cats

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Biocanina milk atrial 90 ml


Properties Cleaning and hygiene of the ear canal of dogs and cats

milk ATRIAL BIOCANINA properties are due to the combination of the properties of components. -antiseptic property: due to boric acid and eucalyptus. -property care: due to the surfactants present in the vehicle.

ATRIAL BIOCANINA milk can be used :-for hygiene and regular maintenance of the ear, once a week; -to remove unpleasant odours resulting from the fermentation of debris accumulated in the ear canal; -to remove impurities from the ear canal before applying a treatment. Instruction Way atrial.

Insert 5 to 20 drops in the ear canal that then closes it with a cotton swab. Lightly massage the base of the ear to spread the product into the duct and dissolve the dirt. Remove the cotton.

With another buffer of cotton impregnated product, clean accessible impurities.

Can repeat the operation several times, until impurities are eliminated, without too much stress.

Repeat one to two times a week. Precautions for use it happens that a foreign body fits in the ear, causing sudden violent pain and quite alarming symptoms. Extraction must be made by a veterinarian, as the introduction of products in the ear is deprecated in this case.