Biocanina Maldauto 20 tablets

antivomitif for dogs and cats, from the evil of transport.

Manufacturer: Biocanina

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Biocanina Maldauto 50mg box of 20 tablets

Descriptio n

Biocanina maldauto is a treatment for sickness in cats and dogs.

It contains in its compositiopn of dimenhydrinate that will have two complementary actions:

  • Antivomitif centrally acting
  • slightly sedative to calm the animal during the trip.

This will avoid your pet nausea, salivation and vomiting during travel, regardless of the means of transport.


Sickness in the dog or cat.

advice of uses

5 mg/kg oral, i.e. 1 tablet per 10 kg, 30 min before departure. the administration may be renewed 6 hours later.

Special warnings :

Do not feed the animal just before the trip and give a small ration some hours prior to departure.

Do not administer in animals under 4 months and animals whose weight is less than 2 kg.


  • Dimnhydrinate 50 mg

  • Excipient q.s.p. un comprim

Bote de 20 comprims