Biocanina Milk Formula 400g


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Female carnivore milk (dogs, cats, lions, tigers etc.) is of a fundamentally different composition of milk of other animal species: much more concentrated in protein and fat, it contains 3 times less lactose (excess lactose causes digestive problems). For raising newborns, the use of alternative milks specifically formulated is essential. The use of other milk (cow, goat...) is formally contraindicated.

How to use:

A measuring scoop of powder to 30 ml of water (2 scoops of powder to a bottle). Stir a small amount of hot water in carefully how to form a good homogenous paste. Then add the rest of the water, stirring to get a warm concentration desired milk. Clean the equipment after each use.


The preparation obtained can be stored 24 hours in the refrigerator. Uses quantities we specify are only averages: they must be tailored to the age, size, race, rearing conditions, the appetite of the animals as well as to the quantity of milk provided by the mother. In any case, let drink animals to satiety, do not force it to absorb the quantities indicated below; the kitten or puppy always adapts its consumption needs.


400 g can