Biocanina Felivers Wormer cats 4 tablets

Wormer for cats, treatment of infestations with parasites. Format of 4 tablets Learn more
Manufacturer: Biocanina


SKU 2923738 Biocanina Felivers Wormer cats 4 tablets


Felivers is a Wormer for cats for the treatment of infestations in sensitive Flubendazole such as nematode parasites (roundworm).

tablets breakable constituents, Biocanina Felivers to administer easily and has a very good tolerance.

Felivers Biocanina operating tips:

Oral, 1 tablet per 4 kg of body weight per day, for 2 consecutive days. Is administered directly by hand. In case of refusal, the tablet can be placed at the back of the tongue. Do not administer to kittens under 4 months and weighing animals less than 2 kg.

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