Biocanina bark collar

Necklace with refill spray citronella that interrupts the barking by surprise effect-based.
Manufacturer: Biocanina
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SKU 4345807

Biocanina Anti bark collar


Biocanina no-bark collar is suitable for all types of dogs, small or large. Developed based on the most advanced scientific research in behavior. animal very effective, this necklace also has the advantage of being totally painless and harmless to your dog. Indeed, his system is based on the principle of surprise. as soon as your dog barks , it receives a spray directed towards his snout.

This stimulus acts on different directions of your pet: hearing (with the issuance of a tear-gas), sight (cloud of spray), touch (contact cold and wet) and sometimes smell (if you use citronella refills available). by conditioned reflex (reflex Pavlov), your dog understands that when he wears the collar, it must not barking.


This set includes: a body spray, a 6V Lithium battery, a spray refill, a warranty card.