Biocanina Artrocalm powder 90g

Therapy of articular problems powder palatable for dogs and cats.  

Manufacturer: Biocanina



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Biocanina Artrocalm powder 90 g

Properties adjunctive treatment of joint problems in dogs and cat. powder very palatable to mix the meal of the animal. Chondroitin stimulates the regeneration of cartilage and contributes to the lubrication of the joint. The Meadowsweet is traditionally used to relieve the pain. Operating instructions powder very palatable is to mix the meal (if it consists of croquettes, dilute a little water to make a paste). the quantity to give is of :-cat: 1 teaspoon per day, -dog up to 20kg: 1 teaspoon per day , -dogs 20-40 kg: 2 teaspoons per day, -dog beyond 40 kg: 1 tablespoon per day box to a cure for 3 weeks for a cat or a dog up to 20 kg of weight. a minimum three-week cure is recommended and can be repeated several times per year. use maintaining mobility and flexibility of joints at the animals predisposed to joint problems: older, sports, overweight, hereditary joint problems, period of growth in dogs large size.