Bio tasks hides tasks Brown 100ml

Mask pelliculable depigmenting for brown spots
Manufacturer: Sinclair
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SKU 7676806 bio tasks hides tasks Brown 100ml

Properties: the efficiency and high tolerance of all of the products in the Bio spots aim to eliminate brown spots and to prevent their formation, including in the following cases: Melasma (mask of pregnancy), discoloration (age spots), ephelides (freckles tasks), solar lentigo, post-inflammatoires scar marks (acne,...). Bio hides pelliculable depigmenting shows effective action through its main ingredients and formulation. film-forming it helps to eliminate brown spots and to prevent their recurrence and allows to perform a gentle exfoliation of the skin and remove dead cells. In clarifying the skin complexion, skin appears fresher and of course clean. operating tips: -Apply a uniform layer on the face and neck, -Let it dry for 20 minutes, -Withdraw gently from the base film which has been formed, -Renew enforcement 2 times per week.