Bio Secure fluorine 75ml toothpaste


SKU 9739675 Bio Secure fluorine 75 ml toothpaste


Fluorine to strengthen the enamel.
Mint to refresh.
for the whole family.

Toothpaste bio secure helps have a complete action when brushing both taking care of teeth and gums. Action of fluorine to remineralize the enamel of teeth, allowing to fight plaque.

Associated with the aroma Mint toothpaste sustainably freshens breath. This toothpaste is a real full care to strengthen teeth and tone the gums.

operating tips:

to brush their teeth for 3 minutes after each meal.
Rinse with water.
Children 6 years old and less: use toothpaste about the size of a pea under the supervision of an adult in order to minimize the ingestion.
if approt of fluoride from other sources consult a dentist or a doctor.
Do not swallow.

Store at room temperature.Close the tube after use.


formula INCI: aqua, glycerin, mentha viridis water, silica, xanthan gum, titanium dioxide, potassium sorbate, aroma, sodium benzoate, sodium fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, calcium carbonate, citric acid.

contains sodium fluoride (0.3%) 1357 ppm fluorine.
98.7% of the total ingredients are of natural origin 15.0% of the total ingredients are from organic agriculture.

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