Bio Secure Deodorant stone alum Granada 50 ml

Bio secure deodorant stone of alum alcoholic Granada 50 ml
Manufacturer: Bio Secure


SKU 5137979 Bio Secure Deodorant stone alum Granada 50 ml


The stone of alum is a natural mineral, with multiple properties: it decided the pores of the skin hygienic virtues: it leaves a thin layer of salt on the skin, to combat the bacteria responsible for bad odours tangible virtues: it is suitable for all skins, even the most sensitive non-alcoholic and alum stone base 100% of natural origin the deodorant combat odors. It leaves a sweet fragrance after application, dry quickly and only whitens clothes. Its main asset, aloe vera, provides hydration of skin, even sensitive and shaved

tips to use:

every morning, after washing, apply deodorant under the armpits.

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