Bio Royal Jelly Herbesan 25g jar

SKU: 4679767 Herbesan Bio Royal Jelly jar 25g


In the world fascinating hive, Royal Jelly, secreted by young bees, have extraordinary transform property in Queen any bee larva. Throughout his life, the Queen Bee is fed with royal jelly. She lives on average 40 times longer than a working bee. Its life expectancy is indeed 5 years compared to 45 days for a working bee! Herbesan daily brings you 1000 mg of Royal Jelly produced according to the rules of agriculture biological. Herbesan laboratories have selected an original packaging which, protecting it from heat, moisture and light, guarantees to Bio Royal Jelly 1000 mg its good conservation.

operating tips :

Take a spoon in the morning fasting, to dissolve under the tongue.

25-day renewable program.

Refrigerate one month after opening of the pot maximum.


Not recommended for people allergic to bee products.

It is recommended to observe the doses recommended, to ensure a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Keep out of reach of young children.


Royal Jelly from organic farming.


25 g.