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Juvamine program tonic is a food supplement in the form of bulbs which contains from assets of the organic farming. The seeds of grapefruit and l ' echinacea are involved in the proper functioning of the immutaire system. Royal Jelly is the exclusive food of the Queen Bee, she allows him to "have an exceptional longevity. Grenada, called long "concentrated soul" in China, is regarded as a super-fruit.

Operating tips:

Good shake l "bulb before use. A light deposit is normal and ensures the naturalness of the product. Take 1 ampoule in the morning to be diluted in a glass of water for 20 days.


aqueous extract of echinacea purple * (root): 91%, Acacia honey *: 5%, Royal Jelly *: 1%, concentrated Pomegranate juice * (fruit): 1%, extracted from grapefruit * (PIP): 0.25%, flavour honey.


20 bulbs