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Rich in plants and fruits bulbs

Manufacturer: Juvamine

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Juvamine Cocktail vitality is a food supplement in the form of bulbs which contains from assets of the organic farming. L ' Eleutherococcus, also called "Siberian Ginseng", contributes to optimal activity of the cognitive and mental functions. Maca plays a role in tone and supports physical and mental performance. Guarana plays a role in the reduction of mental fatigue. L ' Acai, l 'Acerola and l' Sea buckthorn are small berries considered of superfruits.

Operating tips:

Good shake l "bulb before use. A light deposit is normal and ensures the naturalness of the product. Take 1 ampoule in the morning to be diluted in a glass of water for 20 days.


Aqueous extract Eleutherococcus * (root): 87%, concentrated Orange juice * (fruit), Sea buckthorn juice * (fruit): 2%, antioxidant: Ascorbic acid, Maca powder * (tuber): 0.75%, natural orange flavour, natural lime flavour, extracted from acai berry * (fruit): 0.25%, Guarana extract * (seed): 0.2%, Acerola extract * (fruit): 0.1%.


20 bulbs