Bergasol sun cream Protection average SPF20 50ml

Solar face, quick and intense tanning cream
Manufacturer: Bergasol


SKU 2122977 Bergasol sun cream Protection average SPF20 50ml

Cream face rich and feels silky.
It combines sun protection and activation of natural tanning mechanism to help you get a natural tan, royal and radiant.
This sun care contains sactifs of natural origin that helps prolong the tan, and vitamin E, which helps prevent the signs of aging and the appearance of wrinkles.

operating tips :
-before any exposure to the Sun, apply liberally to face or decollete
-frequently Renew the application to maintain the level of protection
-Renew the application also in the case of perspiration, bathing or drying the skin
-Avoid exposure to the sun between 12 h and 16 h

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