Bergasol dry Protection average SPF20 125ml oil

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SKU 2085213 Bergasol dry Protection average SPF20 125 ml oil

Properties: Bergasol oil dry, light and non-greasy, is immediately absorbed by the skin and leaves a scent pleasant. advanced technology and broad spectrum sunscreens protect the skin from radiation solar. This care solar, rich in vitamin E and composed of anti-free radical natural oils, helps protect against premature skin ageing linked to the sun. operating tips : -apply generously on the face and/or body -renew the application frequently to maintain protection especially after each swim -avoid exposure between 12 h and 16 h. bergamot without paraben. Formula tested under dermatological control


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S. Mary
  the 04/05/2017
5/ 5
Been using bergasol for over twenty years, lovely product
C. Verona
  the 16/06/2016
5/ 5