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Becur Naloc 10ml nail treatment

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SKU 2906543 Naloc 10 ml nail treatment

The processing properties

Care Naloc are specialized in the treatment of mycoses and psoriasis. These infections can quickly prove to be very uncomfortable and sometimes painful. That is why it is necessary to prevent fungus and especially of the treat.

The use of Naloc will allow you to:

  • hydration of the targeted area
  • to gradually restore the appearance,
  • to smooth the outer layers of the nail,
  • to prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria by modifying the microenvironment of the nail and in improving the integrity of its surface.

The formation of a fungus, an easy to develop fungus

Fungal infections thrive in warm, moist, environments such as swimming pools, locker rooms, or you, leaving your bathroom. The sweating of your feet in a poorly ventilated shoes pair can also foster the creation of an environment conducive to fungal diseases and psoriasis. You can get more information about this infection since wikipedia fungus page. Fungi and bacteria proliferate and proliferate at full speed. Thus, the mycoses grow quickly without even realizing it. That is why that Sanareva you Council to treat your nails as soon as possible to avoid widespread bacterial infection.

Naloc, effective against fungal diseases care

This treatment promotes healing of suffering from a fungal disease or psoriasis fingernails. These result in a nail discolored, which cracks and crack gradually. More infected, untreated nails can fall and leave your suffering finger.


Apply a thin layer once per day on the nails affected by fungus or psoriasis as well as on the edge of the nail before sunset. Then let dry for a few minutes and repeat this action every evening until complete healing of your nails.

use scheme

here is a pattern of use of this topical treatment

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