Bebisol teether Refrigerant

the Ring of teething Refrigerant relieves cold baby gums.

Manufacturer: Bébisol

SKU: 62452RO Bebisol teether Refrigerant


teething are often painful for baby. Bebisol laboratories have developed the Ring of teething Refrigerant. This ring specially adapted to the small hands of babies mass gums while having fun. It also relieves inflammations of gums. This ring is cooled in the refrigerator, its action help baby to have less evil through the cold. It is plastic resistant safe for the child.

Bebisol ring of teething Refrigerant operating tips:

it is recommended to clean the product before its first use and cold sterilization. This ring is in the microwave or dishwasher , not to boil or do not sterilize in hot.