Bebisol teether Musical Green

SKU: 98846VT Teething Musical green Bebisol ring

Properties :

Infant teething can be painful, early childhood specialist Bebisol laboratories have developed a musical teething ring.

Musical teether is made to relieve baby during teething. It allows to gently massage the gums of baby. Musical baby is entertained, colorful your child has fun, this toy is suitable for babies from 4 months.

Tips for using teething Musical green ring:

Before first use, clean with a damp cloth and a mild soap.


Do not let boil, do not sterilize the steam or the microwave. Before each use, ensure that the perfect state of the ring and replace it as soon as it shows signs of wear. Do not immerse in water. This toy conforms to European safety standards

Finally upon the appearance of baby's first teeth, brushing and fluoride decision-making, will be essential in order to preserve their health and to avoid the occurrence of caries. This hygiene gesture, will be using a brush very soft toothbrush, but without toothpaste, up to the age of three years, in order to prevent any risk of disgust, and changed every three months.