Bebisol pacifier Reversible Silicone rabbit Rose - 4 months (ref 5)

reversible Soother silicone suitable for babies under 4 months.

Manufacturer: Bébisol

SKU: 988003R Bebisol Soother Silicone Reversible Rose - 4 months


the need for suction of infants is innate: indeed, it allows children to regain calm and appeasement because it causes the release of a hormone called endorphin, acting to de-stress and calm babies. reversible lollipop Labs Bebisol orange patterned moves in 2 directions and the teat complies perfectly with the natural development of the Palace. the Silicone is a resistant material, without any taste and less allergenic than rubber. A protective housing allows you to preserve the soother to own after cleaning or during transportation.


specially adapted for a baby of less than 4 months and guarantee BPA.