Bebisol pacifier Physiologique rubber violet + 6 months (ref P6)

physiological Soother rubber Bebisol for babies over 6 months.
Manufacturer: Bébisol


SKU 97677CV Bebisol lollipop Physiologique rubber violet dad + 6 months


Bebisol laboratories have developed this physiological Soother for the comfort of babies over 6 months. Her physiological teat has a flat part and a curved part that allow the baby to acquire good reflexes of swallowing. Its rubber material is soft and supple popular with babies. This pacifier has a collar soft and comfortable ansi as a ring to facilitate the withdrawal of the baby's mouth. Without Bisphenol A.

purple pacifier, message: ' P'tit heart of Papa "


it is recommended to wash the soother regularly.

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