Bebisol pacifier Physiologique rubber violet + 6 months (ref B)

Lollipop of solid color purple at flexible flanged, with ring.
Manufacturer: Bébisol


SKU 452531V Bebisol lollipop Physiologique rubber violet + 6 months


The lollipop Physiologique rubber + 6 months Bebisol promotes a harmonious growth of the Palace, the asymmetrical shape of the breastshield (flat part in contact with the language, part rounded to the contact of the Palace) makes it preferable to any other kind of sucking as she guides the tip of the tongue toward the palate and limit the passage of the language into the lips, helping the baby to develop good habits of swallowing.Lollipop of solid color to flexible flanged, with ring, different models.

Using advice:

After each use, wash the pacifier with soapy water warm.


Need sucking babies from 6 to 36 months (2nd age).