Bebisol pacifier physiological blue Silicone - 4 months (ref 7)

Lollipop Bebisol with physiological teat for babies under 4 months.
Manufacturer: Bébisol


SKU 988006B Bebisol lollipop Physiologique Silicone blue - 4 months (ref 7)


Bebisol laboratories physiological Soother is suitable for babies under 4 months. Its flat and protruding nipple allows baby to acquire good reflex of swallowing. Its neck frill is adapted to the morphology of the baby to bring him comfort. Without Bisphenol A, this Soother is very suitable for small babies and premature infants. Its silicone nipple is more resistant and limit the risks of allergies.

operating tips:

it is advisable to wash the soother regularly.

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