Bebisol nipples Silicone pass wide - 6 months Lot of 2

Lot of 2 anti-colique nipples silicone for babies 6 months months.
Manufacturer: Bébisol


SKU 5186506 Bebisol nipples Silicone collar Large - 6 months Lot of 2


Laboratories Bebisol put all their expertise at the service of all-small for more than 30 years. They offer a wide range of products from small-materialmedical for infants from birth to 3 years. Guaranteeing of high quality accessories to safely use.

Bebisol you offers a lot of anti-colique with wide neck nipples, suitable for babies less than 6 months. Compatible with the Bebisol Anti-Colique bottles. Their physiological tips reproduce the shape of the womb, specially designed for babies with a mixed food, or for current weaning infants. This teat therefore facilitates the alternation between breast and bottle. Thus, the sucission of your baby is not distorted. Of more, thanks to a bebisol teat, it is adatpe easier to bottle. On the other hand, the anti-colique valve allows the air to flow to the bottom of the bottle which helps baby to swallow. Thus, reducing the risk of frequent colic in infants in the first months of his life. Finally, the silicone is more resistant than rubber and minimizes the risk of allergies. The wide neck of the bottle makes it easy use and cleaning.

Bebisol anti-colique teat indications:

  • Nipple 1 er age for babies less than 6 months
  • long life
  • resistant to high temperatures
  • holding in the UV (s)
  • compatible with the wide neck bottles

operating tips:

before their first use teats should be previously cleaned and sterilized according to the mode of your choice: steam, cold, electric steriliser or microwave. It is important to choose a teat adapted to the age of your child. At the first sign of deterioration, he is an adviser to throw the product.

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