Bebisol lollipops reversible Silicone Lot 2 + 6 months pink


SKU: 814628F Bebisol Sucettes Rversibles Silicone Lot De 2 +6 Mois Rose


Pacifier with reversible silicone nipple for over 6 months. Lollipop 2nd age. Its flat and symmetrical teat is both reversible. It fits to the baby's mouth whatever the position of the pacifier. It also respects baby's development. The flange is soft to ensure a certain comfort to baby sucking. Without Bisphenol A.

directions for use:

Before first use, maintain the lollipop BEBISOL immersed in water by boiling for 5 minutes. Let it cool, then squeeze the teat out water that it could contain. (This is for hygiene reasons). Clean before each use.


1 Soother night + 1 lollipop day