Bebisol Kit 1st toothbrushes

3 toothbrushes kit to take care of the first baby teeth smoothly.
Manufacturer: Bébisol


SKU 510071R Bebisol Kit 1st toothbrush


the right moves for perfect oral hygiene begins from the earliest age. Bebisol offers a kit of 3 toothbrushes to gently clean baby's first teeth.

the first brush surrounded by dots flexible and soft weight baby gums during teething. flexible second transition with some dots on one side, allows your child to practice brushing, it takes good habits. the third nylon brush is a brush that is identical to that of an adult, adapted to the child's mouth. it is used when the milk teeth are outputs.

Bebisol Kit brushes tips toothbrush Rose:

it is recommended to use these brushes always under the supervision of an adult. Brushing of teeth is recommended after every meal.