Bebisol bottle Anti-Colique Silicone collar off 0-6 months purple feather 270ml

Bottle Bebisol of 270 ml with anti-colique valve and teat physologique.

Manufacturer: Bébisol

SKU: 51865VL Bebisol bottle Anti-Colique Silicone collar Large purple feather 270 ml


Bottle Anti-Colique of Bebisol contains no Bisphenol A. Its physiological silicone nipple adapts perfectly to baby's mouth and reproduces the shape of the womb, it is adapted to the baby of less than 6 months. An anti-colique valve limits the flow of air into the nipple. The baby swallows so less air which is often responsible for colic. It has a cap for hygienic transportation. This bottle is colourful and beautifully decorated grounds feathers.

Bebisol bottle Anti-Colique Silicone indications:

silicone more resistant rubber, minimizes it allergy risk.

the wide neck is easy to clean and handle thanks to its ergonomic shape.

the physiological teat reproduces the shape of the womb and thus facilitates weaning.