Bebisol bottle Anti-Colique Silicone collar off 0-6 months feather pink 150ml

Bottle Anti-Colique with physiological Soother for baby's comfort.

Manufacturer: Bébisol

SKU: 51865RP Bebisol bottle Anti-Colique Silicone collar Large feather pink 150 ml


Bebisol laboratories have developed the Bottle Anti-Colique, for a better comfort of baby. The bottle has an anti-colique valve that allows air to circulate to the bottom of the bottle avoiding baby to swallow. the physiological teat reproduces the shape of the womb, it thus makes weaning or the breast/bottle product easier for baby. This teat is suitable for babies less than 6 months. Silicone offers improved resistance and minimizes the risk of allergies. Contains no Bisphenol A.

Bebisol bottle Anti-Colique tips:

it is advisable to adapt the flow of the teat to the age of your child.