Bebisol bottle Anti-Colique Silicone collar off 0-36 months rabbits white 150ml

Bottle Anti-Colique 150 ml without bisphenol A, 3 silicone nipple speeds.

Manufacturer: Bébisol

SKU: 98840LB Bebisol bottle Anti-Colique Silicone collar Large rabbits white 150 ml


Bebisol laboratories have developed the Bottle Anti-Colique, for a better comfort of baby. The bottle has an anti-colique valve that allows air to circulate to the bottom of the bottle avoiding baby to swallow. the silicone round tipped nipple fits baby's mouth whatever its position, 3 speeds it has are settled on the basis of the age of the child and its preferences. Silicone offers improved resistance and minimizes the risk of allergies. Contains no Bisphenol A.

Bebisol bottle Anti-Colique indications:

teat has 3 speeds:

  • the bandwidth for the first days of baby
  • average for milk and juice
  • fast for the thick liquid and big appetites

flow adjusts easily, place the round shown on the nipple just below baby's nose. Simply turn the bottle to change debit.