Bebisol bottle Anti-Colique Silicone collar off 0-36 months purple 270 ml

anti-colique bottle with nipple silicone 270 ml. Guaranteed without BPA.

Manufacturer: Bébisol

SKU: 98840VT Bebisol bottle Anti-Colique Silicone pass wide purple 270 ml


Bottle Anti-Colique of Bebisol contains no Bisphenol A. Its round tipped silicone nipple adapts perfectly to baby's mouth, she has 3 speeds for a variable rate, as well as an anti-colique valve to limit the entry of air into the nipple. The baby swallows so less air which is often responsible for colic. It has a cap for hygienic transportation. This bottle is colourful and beautifully decorated with attractive grounds.

Bebisol bottle Anti-Colique Silicone indications:

silicone more resistant rubber, minimizes it allergy risk.

the wide neck is easy to clean and handle thanks to its ergonomic shape.

teat has 3 speeds:

  • slow for the first few days of baby flow
  • average for milk and juices flow
  • fast throughput for thick liquids and large appetites

Bebisol bottle Anti-Colique Silicone tips:

to choose good flow, it is necessary to place the circle indicating the level of flow under the baby's nose, just turn the bottle to change flow.